Here’s How To Have A Successful Meeting With Your NSS Manager

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Meetings are a fixture in most working environments. Those meetings can be one-one’s with a boss, or even the whole department meeting to discuss an agenda. In order to make sure that any meetings during your NSS are successful, here’s some things to know.

Ask A Lot Of Questions

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A meeting with your manager is usually a time to download. Your manager is going to be telling you where the company’s ship is sailing and how exactly you can contribute going forward. Asking questions during the download is quite important because they allow you to get your concerns addressed on the spot instead of coming out of the meeting and feeling hopeless and overwhelmed.

Ask For An Agenda Before The Meeting

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Knowing what a meeting is about will allow you to prepare for it, even if just mentally. That way, you’re not caught off guard when you’re given a new task, and you’re also able to make relevant contributions to the topic at hand.

Take Notes During The Meeting

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Taking notes during a meeting shows your manager your focus and seriousness with regards to the job. And even more than that, those notes can be a life-saver later when you there are some actions you need to take based on what was discussed.

Don’t Raise Problems That You Don’t Have Solutions For

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During brainstorms and meetings where your manager is looking to implement a new policy or project, you don’t need to throw the problems in their face. Instead, if you see a problem, make sure that you’ve thought of possible solutions for it, bring up the problem and then touch on your solutions.



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