The Directive To Defer And Other Decisions GIJ Students Are Not Happy About

Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ)

Management of the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) in a statement issued by the Academic Affairs Registry on March 22, 2021, directed students who paid their fees after the registration deadline to defer their programmes.

According to the statement, the management of the Institute made this decision after a meeting on Monday, March 22, 2021.

The Institute ordered “all affected students are to take note of this directive and act accordingly.”

This directive comes just 5 days to the start of the end of the first-semester examination which is scheduled to take place from March 29, 2021, to April 19, 2021.

Students protest management’s decision

Students of GIJ are very unhappy with the decision taken, and they took to social media to register their displeasure. The hashtag #JusticeForGIJStudents was started on Twitter to protest and force the authorities of the Institute to rescind their decision.

Students of GIJ are also set to embark on a protest at the school’s premises today.

Reports, however, from the GIJ premises this morning indicate that, there is heavy police presence on the campus and the school is currently locked and no student has been allowed in.

Police on GIJ campus

Other decisions students are unhappy about

Prior to this directive issued by the Institute’s management, there were other decisions that were made by management that the students were not pleased about:

1. Management increased the fees to be paid by students by 5% for the 2020/2021 academic year.

2. The initial penalty for late payment was scrapped without effective communication to the student body.

Absence of a functioning SRC

Students of GIJ are also of the view that the management is being autocratic and taking such decisions because that school does not have a functioning SRC.

“Students want the management of the institution to understand the times we are in and reconsider their decision. All students need is proper communication from the management to the students. Currently management is being autocratic with their decision. This is also due to the fact that GIJ doesn’t have a functioning SRC,” one of the students said.

Theodore Mawutor Abiwu, a member of the Interim Committee of the GIJ SRC in an interview with Citi News also complained about the absence of an SRC.

“I think the school took this position because of the absence of the SRC. A body that will speak for them. I, who serves on the interim committee cannot even have a meeting with management. This is the only explainable reason why I should think they took this callous decision to affect our lives. Even with that, it is wrong, the student body is the SRC, the only thing lacking is an executive body to act as a liaison for us.”


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