5 Things Clients Do That Annoy Photographers

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In as much as as a photographer, you would have to deal with clients in order to get paid, sometimes, just sometimes, you just want someone else to manage that side of the dealings so you just do what needs to be done when it comes to editing pictures. Some clients can be a real pain in the ass and if you acted the way you really wanted to, you’ll lose them and the money they come with. Here are 5 things that annoy photographers daily about clients.

1. Asking for freebies


First things first. Have you checked how much a camera costs? What of a lens?? Do you know the struggles they went through to acquire one? Asking for freebies especially because you’re friends with the photographer just undermines their work. Do better.

2. Stressing them about your pictures

First of all, you didn’t pay for the shoot. You convinced them to help you and they grudgingly obliged. After 2 days you expect 100 edited pictures. They aren’t magicians. They’ll work on your pictures when they can but don’t forget that they have paid work also there to finish up.

3. Expecting unrealistic edits

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Your stomach is big, your waist is big, your cheeks are chubby and you have a double chin but you expect the photographer to make everything look better. You expect that at the end of the day, you look like a totally different person with a chiseled face, tiny waist and flat stomach. They are not magicians please. They’ll do what they can.

4. Being late for a shoot

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This is the major reason why photographers now charge for specific hours and extra if it goes beyond the time. Ladies will come an hour late for the shoot and will now have to do makeup which will take about 45 minutes to an hour. 2 hours of the photographer doing nothing but waiting.

5. Cancelling last minute

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Another reason why photographers now have non refundable deposits. They’ll clear their schedule for you just so they can focus all their time and effort on your shoot only for you to up and cancel last minute. They get no job, no pay and spend their day doing nothing.

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