#ThatNSSLife: Types Of Questions You Should Be Asking During Your NSS Orientation/Office Tour

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During the first week or two of your national service, you’re going to be shown around the place. You’ll be given an orientation of how things work and it might even end with a tour of the company’s different departments and offices. At this stage, there are some very important things that knowing will help you in the long run.

What Everyone’s Role Is

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Whenever you’re introduced to a new person, and you’re told what their title is, you should have an idea of what they do. Having that idea might actually not be a great thing because you might not understand as much as you think you do. Ask questions. Find out what the day-to-day looks like in the roles that interest you.

If you’re still deciding what career path you want to take, learning what happens in different roles definitely helps!

How The Company Makes Money

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Some companies have a straightforward business model and you instantly understand how money is being made and how you’re being paid. With other companies, however, it’s not so straightforward. Understanding your role in the money-making process not only gives you a sense of importance in your job, it also allows you to know what your priorities are in different professional situations.

The Hiring Process

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This arguably one of the most important questions that you can get answered during your orientation period. If you want to be retained or want to one day work at the company where you’re doing your service, then it’s a good idea to find out what their hiring process is. You can learn the requirements and process in order to start getting ready.

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