Things You Should Keep In Mind If Caffeine Helps Your Productivity


When you start your national service, you’ll be at a point in your life where you’ll want a lot of things. You’re thinking about graduate school, maybe starting a business or even securing your first job. And it takes work to make those things happens, plus the work that your service actually requires. Caffeine might seem like an easy solution to make it all happen, but there are some things that you should definitely keep in mind.

Energy Drinks Are Unhealthy

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Energy drinks like Rush have side effects if you keep taking them. They will give the strongest caffeine high, but they can also cause headaches and make you feel awful if you keep taking them. If still want that caffeine rush, you’d be better served taking coffee without sugar or milk.

Coffee Loses Its Effectiveness The More You Take It

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When you start taking coffee you’ll realize that it’s easier to stay focused and you have more energy for the task at hand. However, the more that you keep drinking it, the less you feel that way. That’s because your body starts building a tolerance, and you need more to feel the same way.

You Should Be Taking Your Caffeinated Drinks Earlier In The Day

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If you do end up deciding to get by with the help of coffee or other caffeinated drinks, then taking them during the earlier hours of the day is what you should be doing. Caffeine affects your bodies ability to sleep (I mean, that’s the point, right?). Taking caffeine earlier in the day ensures that you’re still able to go sleep at night and that you don’t still wake up tired even after a night of sleep.



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