Here’s How To Organize Your Job Search Process

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After school, if you’re not looking to pursue a post-grad degree then very likely, your next step is securing a good entry level job. And for that you need to have a solid strategy to tackle the job search. Here’s how to organize your job search process so that you’re never too far away from applying for an opportunity that you want.

Create A Master CV

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A master CV is your main CV, but it’s not what you send out. On this master CV, you put down all your qualifications and every single working experience that you’ve had. Whenever you have to apply for a role, you then select the skills and qualifications from your master CV that make sense for that role. And yes, your master CV should have information that goes as far back as SHS.

Have A Generic Cover Letter Ready To Go

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Having a generic cover letter means that you’re always ready to apply for roles that you come across. Instead of writing a cover letter from scratch, you can just edit your cover letter, keeping the parts that are relevant to the current role, and add some details based on the job description.

Create A Job Search Email

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Having a dedicated job search email means that you don’t get overly excited whenever you get an email notification from your main account. It also allows you to choose a professional email address that you can end to employers.

Find Your Vacancy Sources

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Finally, you need to see what’s available. And when it comes to job vacancies, there are a lot of websites and services that you can use. Choose the ones that make sense for you and check them regularly for updates. One that I would recommend is JobTube Ghana on twitter. Simply turn on your post notifications and you get job alerts all day.



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