Ghanaians Pull Out ‘Motown Records’ To Debunk Achimota’s Controversial Rule On Black Hair

Students of Achimota Senior High School

The hair debate rages on after Achimota Senior High School closed its gates in the faces of two brilliant students because they had dreadlocks.

According to the school, for the sake of uniformity among students, all students must cut their hair, male or female.

As a result, the two boys with long hair were flouting the school’s regulations.

In fact, the school says it will be ready to admit them if they cut their hair.

This has made many call out the school for its backwards rule on student hair.

However, it appears that the short hair rule only pertained to black students.

Yes, caucasian (white people) or bi-racial students are allowed to keep their long hair.

This very much highlights the internalised racism where light-skinned people are allowed to sidestep the rule while black people are expected to abide by the rule.

After the headmistress of the school, the PTA of Achimota, NAGRAT, GES and other bodies supported the school’s decision to admit the boys, Ghanaians took to Twitter armed with receipts (or in this case ‘Motown Records) to expose Achimota’s double standards.

Many are arguing that the light-skinned students were on an exchange programme and that allowing their long hair is fair, however, others also claim this does not work since Achimota claims it wants uniformity and that the caucasian hair breaks that rule.

There is also no way of telling if all the light-skinned students were exchange students and not regular students admitted to the school for a full time senior high school programme.


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