6 Strategies That Will Help You Become A Social Media Influencer

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A lot of social media influencers are currently cashing out because, almost everyone uses the internet. A lot of us don’t use traditional media as much as we use our phones and laptops because we are always online. Brands capitalize on this and they use these influencers to reach the audience they want.

If you want to join the “Influencer family”, you need to take note of these tips.

1. It’s not all about the followers

These brands know that a lot of people online buy followers and that’s how you’ll see someone with 50,000 followers on a platform like Instagram and will have just 50 likes to a 100 likes on a picture with no comments. In short, their page is dead.

2. You need to find your niche

Know what exactly you want to do. Will your page predominantly be about haircare? Makeup? Travel? Or just Lifestyle which is a little bit of everything.

3. Consistency

You need to post often to show people that you’re there. Keep pushing your content in their faces. On a platform like Instagram, the less you post, the less your reach and vice versa. Also, since through consistency your reach becomes more, your content reaches a wider audience and those that like it will follow you.

4. Use hashtags

On every platform there are certain hashtags that will push your content to a wider “explore” page. On Instagram you can use #explore #exploremore #viralvideo #viralcontent and some others. You should also include hashtags that relate to your post. For example, if you post a video on styling faux locs, add hashtags like #fauxlocs #stylingfauxlocs. You can also use your location so #fauxlocsinGhana #fauxlocsGhana. Using hashtags help you reach more people who are looking for the type of content you put out.

5. Don’t be afraid to reach out to brands

Of the brands won’t come to you, reach out to them. The worst that will happen is them leaving you on “read” or saying no to you and even though it will hurt, you’ll move on with life but if they do say yes, think of how far you’ll go. Reach out to brands via email or in-person to let them know you’re interested in advertising for their business.

6. Collaborate with other influencers

This is the way you’ll grow because you’re tapping into someone else’ audience. Those people will see you and if they like your vibe, they’ll check out your page and follow you.

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