5 Different Ways To Loop Your Long Belt

I know sometimes the belts we use are too long for comfort but as I showed you last week, you can always use a band to hold the excess belt in place. Read all about it here.

If the belt is on the thinner side, you can explore different looping styles as well to make you look innovative. Here are 5 loops you can make with your belt.

1. Double Roll

Wear the belt around your waist like you normally would and buckle it. Push the excess tail end of the belt underneath the belt. It would form a small circle when pushing it up. Push the rest of the tail end of the belt which is now pointing upwards through the small hole formed earlier.

2. The Loop

Wear your belt as you normally would around your waist. Push the excess tail of the belt beneath the belt and bring it back up creating a loop (looking like the infinity sign ♾). Take the tail of the belt and push it through the belt loop while adjusting the loop you’ve created.

3. The Bow

Wear your belt around your waist as you normally would. Once you’ve pushed the tail of the belt through the belt loop, reverse the tail back through the belt loop and back again. In all, you’ll do it 3 times. From right to left, left to right and right to left.

4. Simple Knot

GIF via whowhatwear.com

Here, you just wrap the belt around your waist and tie it in a knot. That’s it!

5. Back Loop

GIF via whowhatwear.com

Wear your belt in the usual manner and then slip the tail end behind the belt and voila! You are good to go.

Here’s a visual representation of how to do the Double Roll, Loop and Bow via Myntra on YouTube.

YouTube Video on how to loop belts via Myntra

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Featured image via whowhatwear.com


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