2002 NSMQ Winner Dr Paul Azunre Condemns Achimota School’s Position On Dreadlocks

Dr Paul Azunre

In 2002, Paul Azunre was one of three contestants from Opoku Ware Senior High School who anchored the school to the National Science and Maths Quiz victory.

At the time, he had short hair, however, since graduating and starting his tertiary journey and eventual securing a PhD, Dr Azunre now rocks dreadlocks.

He had these same dreadlocks when he served as a resource person last year during the GES sponsored National Science and Maths Quiz.

Dr Azunre waded into the hair debate that started last Friday when Achimota refused to grant admission to two students who had dreadlocks.

He shared his experience at the airport when he flew into Ghana.

“The last time I landed in Ghana, at the border, instead of the Immigration Officer welcoming me home, she proceeded to berate me for my chosen hairstyle,” he said.

“I kid you not! I was embarrassed for my country in front of the foreigners who were with me to see it! And the police? Oh my! “Random check” at every checkpoint,” he added.

“What did they think I had on me? But you don’t see a problem with the wigs our judges wear?” he asked.

In another post, Dr Azunre also sought to dismantle perceptions of who scientists, entrepreneurs, book authors, and engineers are supposed to look like.

Now, the GES has gone back on their directive and has chosen to support Achimota school to deny admission to the two boys unless they cut the dreadlocks.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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