The Essential Skills You Should Be Trying To Learn During NSS

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If you haven’t worked as intern during your time in school, then your National Service essentially becomes your first working experience. And even if you have worked as an intern, you might still be missing certain skills that make you more employable after your service.

Interpersonal Skills

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In a way, work is basically people telling other people to do things that they aren’t going to want to do. Being a good communicator is such an essential skill because it allows a work place to function even when there are disagreements. In fact, when you’re a good communicator, even the disagreements can end up being productive.

Time Management

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When you’re in the university, you can wake up in the morning and basically decide to blow off all your classes for the day with pretty much zero consequence. The same does not apply to your NSS. You have to learn to get better at managing time and meeting your deadlines. And that’s also a skill that comes in handy when you start looking for work.

How To Network

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To be honest, it doesn’t matter what situation you find yourself in, it never hurts to have people looking out for you. In fact, sometimes you might never even hear about an opportunity without someone putting you on. Networking is by far one of the most important skills that you can acquire at any stage in your life.

Commercial Awareness

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Commercial awareness is basically an understanding of how your company makes money. It’s understanding the things that go into making the business model work and how decisions are made. Learning to be commercially aware during your national service can better prepare you for your first permanent role.



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