Banking Tips That Will Come In Handy During Your NSS

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During your NSS period, you experience a lot of firsts. For some, that includes your first time being paid through the bank, essentially becoming someone who banks and makes banking decisions. Here are some tips that will ensure that you get the best from your banking arrangement.

You Should Just Have Just One VISA Card

All companies have a bank that they use to handle their salary payments. And sometimes when you start your service, you’ll be asked to create an account with that bank in order to process your payments smoothly. If you already have a bank account with another bank, that becomes annoying.

However, since your salary account is going to be the main one that you’ll be withdrawing out of, you should have a VISA card for just that account. Then, you can use your old account as a savings account (which you definitely should be doing), and the new account becomes your expense account. That’s how you avoid paying double VISA card charges.

Connect Your Mobile Money To Your Account

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Some banks give you the option of connecting your bank account to your mobile money wallet. It’s a useful enough feature that you should factor it into your decision when you’re choosing where to bank. When you can connect your mobile money, not only can you avoid going to the bank or struggling to find an ATM, you can also avoid the charges that you pay on holding an ATM card. Plus if you have any monthly obligations, it becomes easy to send that money around.

Check Your Bank Statements

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For a little fee, at the end of every month you can get a statement that shows your banking activity over the period. It’s quite useful because you’ll learn your own habits, and find out exactly how you’ve been spending your money or why you haven’t been able to save. It’s also useful to mention that some banks allow you to get this statement through a 100% online process, although it usually comes with some fees.



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