Spotify Review: The King Of Playlists

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There are a lot of streaming apps to choose from, and each of those apps has its selling point. You’ve got Apple Music, the app that always has the latest releases first, SoundCloud with the oceans of free content, and then you’ve got the Ghanaian platforms like Aftown, Boom Play and Deezer, all of which are also great options.

However, as you can probably tell by the headline of this article, this piece is just going to focus on Spotify, and how it takes music curation to a whole other level.

Channel AutoPlay

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A lot of music streaming platforms have the channel auto play feature. Basically, whenever you play a song or an album and it ends, the app’s algorithm automatically continues your queue with songs similar to what you just played.

However, in my experience, the auto play feature in a lot of apps is just a little lacking. And you’re usually going to end up turning off the queue after what you played is done. But with Spotify, you’ll hear more than one person say they didn’t even notice the moment when their music ended and the app’s algorithm took over.

Artiste Radio And Numerous Coherent Playlists

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Music curation is nothing new on any music platform, but I think what Spotify gets right is that their playlists usually feel like they have the same sound being carried throughout. You’ll be a decent way into a playlist before you even realize that it’s been over two hours.

I’m not a big fan of the Spotify interface for downloading music, and the free version of the app is a big joke, but if you’re the type of person that can listen to music all day, Spotify takes the burden out of constantly figuring out what to listen to.



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