How To Deal With The Depression When You’re Having Trouble Finding A Job

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People tell you about the experience of being unemployed after school. But honestly, it’s one of things that you have to live through in order to truly understand how it feels. It can be an isolating experience and a really downing one too. When you find you’re not feeling too good about yourself, here are some things to try.

Treat Job Hunting Like A Job

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One of the reasons why we get depressed when we’re unemployed is that we lose our sense of structure. Doing the same thing day-in and day-out can feed the feeling of being stuck. Instead of letting yourself wallow, put yourself on a schedule and treat job hunting as if that was your job.

Remember That You Are More Than Your Career

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For better or worse our sense of worth is usually tied to our jobs. And when you’re not working the feeling that you’re failing can be overwhelming. It’s necessary to look past those feelings and engage yourself in the activities that stimulate you. Focus on your hobbies, read a book or pick up a completely new skill.

Learn A New Skill

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Stress from job hunting can make it easy to forget one of the benefits of unemployment, which is how much free time you have. You can use that free time to explore the talents and skills that you didn’t have time for while you were in school.

Don’t Give Up Your Social Life

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It can be hard seeing you friends on social media posting about their successes when you don’t feel like you’re having any yourself. That shouldn’t be the reason why you get distant from your social life. Unemployment, like most other things is not as bad when you have people in your life that you can talk to about it.



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