5 Types Of Ghanaians In The Office On Fridays

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For almost all of us Fridays are the days that keep us going. When we are in the office and something annoys us we think of Friday and everything just seems much better. We don’t have plans for the weekend but just knowing that the weekend is around the corner makes everything worthwhile. Here are 5 different types of people on Friday.

1. Those that walk on the clouds

They are visibly different every Friday. There’s a spring in their step, they’re nicer, they laugh more often and they’re easier to talk to. Friday just brings out the side of them you rarely see on other days.

2. Those that have lies for their parents

Since it’s the beginning of the weekend, they come to the office with packed bags because they aren’t sleeping at home. They live with their parents so they need to lie to go for a weekend getaway with their sweetwuns. Apparently, there’s a work conference they need to attend almost every weekend.

3. Those that just want to sleep

The weekend is just 2 days. They cannot risk doing stuff that will make them tired before the new week begins. The weekend is for sleeping and binging on shows they downloaded using the office wifi during the week.

4. Those that accepted invitations to go out but put their phone on Do Not Disturb

Fridays they keep praying that their friends don’t call them because they don’t want to go anywhere. Maybe at the time they were asked, they were interested but now. All they want to do crawl into bed and stay there till Monday morning.

5. Those that are always checking their time

For these people, every Friday, time slows down. Almost every 5 minutes, they exclaim about how the day is moving slowly. They usually don’t have any plans too. They just want to get out of the office.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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