5 Surprising Benefits Of Long Distance Relationship

Over the past few weeks we’ve spoken a lot about Long Distance Relationships (LDR) and how to make them work as students, how to handle your partner schooling in a different region, how to keep the relationship exciting, signs that show they’re cheating and the likes. We know everyone talks about the struggles that come with LDR but there are benefits to it as well.

1. You become pros at communicating

As compared to “traditional” relationships, LDR creates a stronger level of communication. Considering the fact that months will pass before you can see each other, communication is all you’ll have. Being open and transparent helps the relationship a great deal.

2. Greater commitment

Both of you knew what you were getting into when you accepted to be in the LDR. There is so much sacrifice involved from both ends but because you love each other you’re willing to go through it and all this makes you even more committed to the relationship and makes you realise how even a half-hour conversation is worth every sacrifice.

3. There’s more independence

If you’re an expert independent person who loves his/her space, LDR is perfect for you. You get the benefits of being in a relationship but you still get to live your independent life. Win win.

4. You find out if you’re really serious about each other

LDRs will reveal to you whether or not someone is in it because of lust or love. The only way LDRs can work is if you’re both fully committed, so they can be a make or break for some couples. However, if you both think it’s worth it, it’s because you really love one another.

5. Your time together is always worth it

LDRs make you creative. You’ll always be thinking of ways to make sure that your time spent together is worth it by thinking of different ideas and ways to make your time together more fun and memorable.

Even if others don’t believe in LDRs, once you know you’re both committed focus on just the 2 of you and what makes you happy.

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