5 Lies Every Ghanaian Has Told Before

If all Ghanaians were in a queue waiting to go to Heaven and God said he was using these particular lies to determine whether or not we were qualified to enter his kingdom, we would ALL be marching to hell. Here are 5 lies every single Ghanaian person has told before.

1. “I’m fine”

In Ghana, when asked “How are you?”, the default answer is “I’m fine” whether you’re truly find or you’re dying inside. Nobody really wants to know what’s going on in your life except those close to you so you respond and just go your way.

2. “I’ll call you back”

I’m sure you did this recently. If you talk for a while and there’s nothing left to say, the call becomes a little awkward and to prevent it from becoming worse, one person just says they’ll call the other back later because they’re doing something which is obviously a lie because that call never comes.

3. “I’ll be able to make it”

Raise your hands if you tell people that you’ll be there for whatever event they say their organizing but when the day comes, you come up with some excuse not to go and you end up lying in bed watching movies.

4. “I’m almost there”

Ladies are on this table. They’ll tell you they’re almost there, meanwhile, they’re now putting foundation on their faces. It is God that will judge you.

5. “Anything ah ago make you know”

This is a general thing guys say when someone brings up their hustle. If they have a move and they need cash or they want you to link them to someone you make this statement just to get out of the conversation. We all know you won’t think about what the person said again.

What else do most Ghanaians say but don’t mean? Let us know in the comments section.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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