Myth: Heavy Oils And Butters Are The Holy Grail Of Natural Hair Care

Dry hair is every naturalista’s worst enemy. Dry hair means your hair becomes more difficult to manage and there will be more breakages. Because of this, most of us resorted to oils and butters that influencers “swore” that they work.

We have been brainwashed into thinking the shiny look and feel that oils and butters leave on the strands of our hair show that our hair is “moisturized”.

This brainwash goes even deeper because when we were kids, most of us had permed hair and this hair used to hold a LOT of product because the hairstylists wanted the hair to shine so now, when we don’t see the shine, we assume our hair is dry.

I have written it before and I will write it again, oils/butters do NOT provide moisture and definitely are NOT hydrating. If that is why you always put Shea butter in your hair then you need to stop. Any oil or lipid films present on your hair strands will reduce the hairs ability to absorb water from the atmosphere and result in a lack of moisture and dehydration of the strands so in the end, the moisture your hair desperately needs never gets to the strands because of the oils and butters you’ve soaked your hair in.

Moisture comes from water. Water you use while shampooing your hair, that water locked in by your conditioner and then atmospheric moisture. Oils have nothing to do with moisture.


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