Meet The Artists Behind Viral Hit Song “Agyeiwaa”

Meet The Artists Behind Viral Hit Song "Agyeiwaa"

The current viral Drill song from Ghana is “Agyeiwaa” by O’kenneth featuring his brothers from Living Life Records Reggie Osei and City Boy.

After going viral last year with Akatafoc and Sore, the Asakaa boys as they are commonly referred took over the reins of the Ghanaian music industry giving us nothing the best of hit songs defying the “One Hit Wonder” jinx. “Asakaa is just Twi expression on a drill beat,” Jones explains. It also comes from a secret language used by a lot of the young boys out in Kumasi—a pig Latin-like language that consists of shifting the initial consonant, or consonant clusters of each word to the end of the Twi word. For example, Kasa, which means ‘talk’ or ‘language’, becomes Saka, which is the name of this secret language.

Heavenly influenced by the Gang culture, the Asakaa boys are all about the blend of their western fashion lifestyle with their own twist. Their music does not promote illegal activity, but depicts their life in an honest way that wasn’t previously accepted. And their gang affiliation, unlike in the US, is supposedly non-violent, with only the family aspect being of interest to them.

Agyeiwaa is the first official single for the year from the Living Life Record brothers. The trio fuse English and Twi melodies switching between straight-talking bars and sung verses, which brings a unique texture to the sound as they perform a ballad of a girl called ‘Agyeiwaa’, daughter of a wealthy but strict dad. Agyeiwaa is in love with a rascal but her dad is an impediment to her love life.



Known for his chorus in Akatafoc which was a huge success during the December festivities, O’kenneth is an imprint of Living Life Legacy and is common known for his rapsy-toned voice which makes it perfect for his drill genre.

O’Kenneth dropped ‘Straight Outta Kumerica’, a collaborative EP with work fellow, Reggie Osei. The 6-track EP benefits from the sonic expansion of the wider drill scene, allowing O’Kenneth to showcase his musical prowess. String-led opener ‘Abasakoom’ is akin to buttery smooth trap, while ‘Ya Parke’ and ‘Ain’t Shid’ draws from cinematic Brooklyn cuts. ‘M.O.B’ is London winter-cold, full of funereal keys and dark bass.

O’kenneth has also earned some endorsements on social media from Virgil Abloh and Vic Mensa.

Reggie Osei

Reggie Osei

 Part of the drill pioneers in Ghana, Reggie Osei is a rap act based in Kumasi and also part of Living Life Records. His hit single “Akatafoc” is a celebration of Akata culture prominent in Kumasi, with a focus on their fashion sense and style. Receiving social media endorsements from Joey lit, Amaarae and Pappy Kojo, Reggie is slowing getting a footing in the Ghanaian music industry. In an interview with Audiomack World, Sean Lifer, co-founder of Life Living Records and one of the de-facto lead figures in the Kumasi Drill community, credited Reggie’s early 2020 single, “Akata Gang Gang”, as the final nudge for him to fully commit to creating and dropping Drill songs.

Cedi City Boy

Cedi City Boy

Cedi City Boy is the “Prince of Kumasi” showcasing his love for the city he hails from. City Boy is known for his wordplay and his creative style in using Twi which is perfectly laced on the drill beat. In an interview with Teen Vogue City Boy spoke about the impact they’ve had, “We brought a change to the game, people look up to us now because they know the music is making an impact and going global“.

Watch the viral Agyeiwaa video below:

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