5 Things Middle Children Can Relate With

Being sandwiched between the oldest and the youngest can be very annoying and somewhat beneficial. The first born is the most cherished and the last born is the one who “can do no wrong” and then there’s you. Just floating in between. If you’re a middle child, you’ll definitely relate to these things.


You’re always the mediator. The first born is usually brought up differently from the last born so they cannot stand it when last borns do certain things. You on the other hand have experienced both worlds so you understand both of them making you the perfect middleman.


You’ve experienced different trainings from parents at different points in your life. In the beginning, parents are stricter and first borns bear the brunt of this because they’re the practice kids. By the time they gave birth to you, they’re more comfortable and know more stuff about parenthood so you also experience the strictness but not as much as the first child. By the time the last baby comes around, they’ve figured out what parenting truly is about and they just relax which is why we all think last babies have the most fun. Middle kids experience both sides of their parents when growing up.


Both siblings confide in you. The oldest can relate with you better than the youngest and since you’re older than the last baby, they can tell you things they can’t tell the youngest. The last babies also think you’re much more relatable and less judgmental as compared to the first born so they also confide in you. On the plus side, you have dirt on both of them that can be used against them so they can’t mess with you.


When your parents are calling you, they mention all your other siblings’ names before they finally remember yours. Sigh. To the outside world, you’re *insert older siblings name” little/older sister/brother.


You’re usually “forgotten” so it gives you the chance to do what you want. The first borns have most of the pressure to work, marry, give birth. The last borns are still probably in school and they’re supposed to do as well as you and the first born or even better so there’s academic pressure on them. And then there’s you. Creating your own path and just figuring out what to do to bring you joy.

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