What To Do When You And Your Friend Like The Same Person

This usually happens especially when both of you roll with the same crowd day in day out. The situation may catch both of you by surprise but you both need to be open and speak your truth to each other before anything else can happen. Otherwise, one person will have to shut up about their feelings while the other gets to live their best life with the person. Also, remember that dating a friend’s ex is “someway” so if you don’t say anything, that’s it.

If you both decide to talk about it, just know that it will be uncomfortable. Especially with ladies. Nobody “owns” this mutual crush, so asking permission from your friend to go out with that person isn’t really the right thing to do but you need to clear the air so your friend knows it’s a competition. The person will have to choose between you two.

It’s not a bad thing to lose a friend if there’s a good reason but this situation isn’t exactly a “good reason” so if you think the “competition” is bringing out the worst in both of you and you want to save your friendship, you can give up and try to move on to another person. If your friend and the person actually click, be happy for them and just set your eyes elsewhere.

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