Lydia Asiedu: This UG Student Started Her Business During Lockdown And Now Has A Huge Client Base

Lydia Nana Adwoa Asiedu is the CEO of Trends by Pilolo

The year 2020 was all about COVID-19. Schools were closed down, and the government, at some point, had to impose a lockdown and other restrictions to curb the spread of the virus.

During the lockdown period, Lydia Nana Adwoa Asiedu, a final year Political Science and French student at the University of Ghana decide to start her online business — Trends by Pilolo.

According to Lydia, she has always wanted to be an entrepreneur and thought of starting her business after school. However, she decided that the lockdown period was the best time to start her business because she had a lot of free time.

“I was raised by an entrepreneur – my mom. As I watched her, I always wanted to start my own business… but I thought I would do that after school. Since school moved online and we were home with lots of time available I figured it was the best time,” she told Kuulpeeps.

Lydia’s business entails the sale of trendy fashion items like clothes, bags, footwear, sunglasses, and anything fashion-related. According to her, she started the business with just five bags.

Explaining the reason why she decided to sell trendy fashion items, Lydia said: “I’m a fashionista. I love shopping for trendy stuff. I read about fashion all the time and follow a lot of designers. So I was like, why not go into something I like?”

Lydia Asiedu also talked about her challenges and her plans after school:

Why she started an online business:

“I decided to go into online business because I felt it was convenient, and it was cheaper because I didn’t have to pay for a physical structure. All I needed was to get the goods, advertise them and get people to buy and ask a delivery guy to deliver it to them. I felt it was easy.”

The challenges she has faced:

“I started the business during lockdown so I was at home running the business and everything seemed fine until school resumed. The new teaching and learning system at Legon has made managing both studies and business difficult, so I don’t buy as much as I used to… business has been slow. The school schedule is packed so I’m unable to run the business as I want to. However, the best part of it is that now I have a larger client base and I’m able to sell my goods to a lot of people.”

Her advice to students who want to be entrepreneurs:

“I would advise anybody in school who would like to go into business to do so because it has got to do with you. You decide your time management, your priority, what should be done first, what should come next and all that. You just have to set your priority right. It’s not a bad thing if you are able to manage your time between school and running the business, you should be able to make some money.”

Her plan for her business after school:

“After school, I have to undertake my national service but I’m not stopping the business. I will still run it online like I’m doing now, gather some money and expand the business god willing.”


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