Love Thrifting? Here Are 10 Ghanaian Shops On Instagram You Can Get Thrift Clothes From

Over the past few weeks, we’ve shown you where to get very neat thrift shoes and thrift bags online at affordable prices. Today, it’s the turn of the clothes.

If you want champagne but you have beer money, these thrift shops will save you. The only problem is that you may not get exactly what you want and sometimes you’ll have to wait until the perfect clothing item is posted. We’ve gathered some of the affordable shops on Instagram for you.

1. Thriftory_gh

2. Bend_the_trendd___

3. 21st_centurygh

4. Worldofvintages

5. Classy_thriftfinds

6. Thriftndimes

7. Thrift_by_mysha

8. 1st_selection_

9. Button_up_thrift_shop_gh

10. Comfy_thriftgh


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