How To Spot Scam Instagram Accounts So You Don’t Get Scammed

Instagram has become our go-to for buying and selling in the comfort of our homes. It has made us lazy but we still love it because, there’s a lot going on with each and everyone of us. Buying stuff with just a tap on our phones makes one thing easier to deal with.

The problem now is with the people who have opened accounts just to scam others of their hard earned money. It is increasingly becoming difficult to identify them but I’ve put down some pointers to take note of.

1. The images of the items they sell are from Google

Most real shops show the real items they have and also post inspiration on how you can wear the item. These fake shops just post google images and put the prices in the caption.

2. There’s no customer review

You don’t see any post with people wearing their stuff on their page. Even if there are some images, the people are not tagged. When it happens like that, they’re using someone’s image without their permission and tagging them will get them into trouble.

3. Comments sections are restricted

This is because they don’t want you to come and leave comments that they’re a scam page. When you see that comments have been restricted, don’t even try to communicate. Run for your life and even block them, so you don’t fall into their trap next time.

4. Prices are too good to be true

They do this to entice you. Something that everyone sells for GH 60, they will sell it for GH 30 just so you’ll be enticed and will want to buy more stuff from them. Every time they claim they’re doing sales but when you go through their page, you’ll find out that they’ve been doing sales since time immemorial. Last week it was 50% off. This week it’s 25% off. Run!!

5. Check mutual followers

Most of these kind of Instagram accounts but their followers. Make sure you can see Ghanaian followers in there and if you have mutual followers, you can dm the mutual followers and ask about the account. Get to know whether or not they’ve bought from them or know anyone who has bought from them.

I really hope this has been helpful. If you have more ways to identify such scam pages, please let us know in the comments section.


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