Ghana School Of Law Forces SRC President To Resign After He Failed His Exam

Philemon Zaa-nyeya Laar

The Ghana School of Law in a letter to its Students Representative Council (SRC) directed the body’s current President, Philemon Zaa-nyeya Laar to resign.

According to the school, Philemon failed to pass the PLC Part 1 exam, which is an exam that allows students to advance to the next stage of their legal education.

As a result, the school says Philemon will have to repeat the year and that would disqualify him from holding himself as the SRC President.

The school threatened not to engage the SRC should they continue to maintain him as their President.

“The SRC body responsible for elections is hereby requested to conduct a bye election to elect a new SRC President, the letter said.

Ghana School of Law’s letter

After consulting with his executive council, Philemon wrote a letter to resign from his position as SRC President.

He said as one of many students who did not believe their score, he has requested remarking and the results of which have not been announced.

As a result, he disagreed with the School’s request for his resignation.

However, Philemon said he was resigning because it had become impossible for him to serve the students since the School would not engage the SRC with him as President.

He, also, said instead of the by-election as requested by the school, one of his Vice Presidents will be selected to replace him as President.

Philemon’s resignation letter.

Philemon thanked all the students who had stood by him.


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