#ThatNSSLife: Ideas That Are Going To Help You Save Money During Your National Service

National Service is going to be one of the most memorable times of your adult life, and that can be in a good way or a bad way. One thing’s for sure though, nothing was ever made worse by having some extra cash on you. So, here are tips that are going to save you some money here and there while you’re doing your service.

Volunteering To Go And Buy Food For Supervisors

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A lot of people joke about being sent to buy food for supervisors during service. And it’s true, it’s a thing that happens. But what they don’t tell you is that if you’re doing it enough, your supervisor is going to be paying for your food at point. Call it guilt, or call it generosity, it’s free food in your stomach, and a little more cash in your pocket.

Taking Food To Work

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We’re talking about food again, but it’s only because in some areas where you might be posted, meals are more expensive than average. And you’re only getting 559 at the end of the month. Simply taking food to work from the house, even though it takes a little extra effort, will save you money.

Finding A Ride

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When you start your National Service, one of the things that you quickly realize is that your transportation takes a rather large percentage of your GHC 559 (we’re not calling it a salary). So you need to quickly learn who around the office takes the route that you’re on, and ask to commute with them.

Volunteer For Field Work

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If you find yourself in a government, or other, institution that has employees go on field assignments, you should absolutely volunteer for those. Field work usually comes with small stipends and bonuses that you can use to supplement your GHC 559.

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