How To Make Sure That You’re Paid As A Freelancer In Ghana

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Ghanaian creatives talk all the time about clients holding out when services are delivered and it’s finally time for payments. If you’re a student on campus trying to make some extra money off your skills, then use these tips to make sure that you’re paid for your work.

Send Them A Contract

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Once you’ve come to terms with someone that you’re going to do business with, even if that person is an acquaintance, there’s nothing wrong with putting your agreement (services being provided, payment, etc) into writing. It could be nothing more than a paragraph or two, but it makes sure that there are no misunderstandings about your agreement.

Take A Down Payment Upfront

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Once it gets to the discussion about money, ask for an initial payment at the start of the project, a half way mark payment and a final payment once the client is satisfied. Arranging your payments this way means that the time you invest is rewarded as you progress. It also takes the burden of the client to deliver all at once.

Use This Invoicing Service:

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Tuaneka is an invoicing service that provides a feature you’ll find essential as a freelancer. That feature is the escrow service. Basically, it allows client to put payments in escrow. Those payments are held by Tuaneka until the client is satisfied with the service, at which point the money is released to you.



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