Gyakie: On The Move For Global Stardom

Gyakie in Emergers 2020. Photo Credit:
Gyakie in Emergers 2020. Photo Credit:

Gyakie, is that new voice you never thought you needed to listen to until you start playing “Forever”, “Sor Mi Mu” or “Sika”… this list keeps growing.

It’s the refreshing blend of soul and with notes of high life that makes her music perfect for this time and much necessary for a new developing music career.

For a number of weeks now, Gyakie’s songs have been gaining popularity in Nigeria.

“Forever” for instance, has rose to the fifth position in Nigeria’s Apple Music Top 100 chart.

This is a big win for the rising star, considering the fact that Nigeria is notorious for promoting its own musician more than they do others from another country.

With Gyakie, gaining popularity in Africa’s most populous country, it makes perfect business sense to touch base with the growing fans there.

Yesterday, Gyakie and her team landed in Nigeria and just 24 hours later, they announced the release of a “Forever” remix with Omah Lay. This will be released this Friday.

She is not only recording songs but also undertaking a media tour of at least 25 media houses in Nigeria.

This will give her the airtime she needs, airplay for her songs and even introduces her and her music to other people who might not have heard about her.

Her moves has made a lot more Ghanaians excited about her music career.

In December 2019 when interviewed Gyakie, who was part of Kuulpeeps’ Emergers 2020, she spoke of not paying much attention to her voice.

“I wasn’t paying attention to my voice when I was younger but when I started interacting with more people I got a chance to go to the studio for the first time at the age of 8,” Gyakie said.

From all of her fans, we are glad she found her voice at the age of 8.


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