Alvin Taylor: The ATU Student Who’s The Brain Behind Trendztrade

Alvin Taylor is the founder and CEO of Trendztrade

Alvin Taylor is a level 200 Mechanical Engineering student at Accra Technical University (ATU).

He owns Trendztrade – an online shopping platform. Alvin started this business four years ago, right after completing senior high school.


According to him, he decided to start Trendztrade because he wanted to give people, especially students, a platform where they can easily sell and buy products at affordable prices, at the comfort of their homes or halls of residence.

“I identified a problem—people want to sell and people want to buy, but they don’t know how to go about it. So I decided to create a platform whereby people can feel free, at ease, wherever they are, wherever they may be and trade comfortably,” he told Kuulpeeps.

Alvin also talked about how he combines studies and business, and how he plans to build his business after school.

How he manages to study and run his business simultaneously:

“Managing school and business is very difficult… so sometimes I skip school for business and sometimes I skip business for school. However, I also have a team that helps me undertake business activities so that I can focus on school as well.”

His best experience as a student entrepreneur:

“One time I went to class late. The lecturer was supposed to sack me but he asked me where I’m coming from and I told him I’m from a business meeting… he asked me what meeting and I opened the website for him and I told him how it operates and immediately, he recommended me to the school’s IT team and currently I’m part of them and getting paid from that side too.”

His worst experience as student entrepreneur:

“This qualifies as the worst experience that turned out positive in the end for me. So I was trying to sell a product for a certain guy and he thought he could go to Tudu and get the item for a cheaper price. So he went there and he was scammed and he came back to me begging that he wanted my product now, and I eventually sold it to him. He how believes in my brand and the products I sell.”

His advice to students who want to be entrepreneurs:

“If you are in school and you want to do business, yes it is cool, you can do it. This helps because you can continue with the business and make money for yourself when you are not able to secure a permanent job right after school.”

His plan for his business after school:

“My plan after school is to continue to run this business to help students and other individuals to be able to easily order a product and easily get it. I also hope to get to a point where my business will provide employment for people.”

You can check out Trendztrade on Instagram and Twitter for affordable products.


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