4 Reasons Why Silk Scarves Should Be Added To Your Wardrobe

Silk scarves are very versatile accessories that can add a bit of “umph” to any plain outfit. It is multipurpose as well which I absolutely love! A variety of scarves are available these days, allowing for a versatile expression of creativity. Here are 4 ways you can use one scarf.

1. Freshens up any look
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You can be wearing the same old outfits but using a scarf will immediately just elevate the look depending on how you’ve styled it. Choose brighter colours if you’re pairing the scarf with darker clothes so you stand out.

2. Perfect for your hair
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Wherher you have natural or permed hair, you don’t want your hair entangled with your scarf which will further cause problem like knotted ends and the tearing of strands. That’s why silk scarves are perfect for your hair. They help to keep your hair soft, moisturised and free of tangles.

3. You can use them on your bags
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They aren’t just hair accessories. They are perfect for adding personality to your bags. You just tie a part on the bag stylishly and you’re good to go.

4. Impromptu top/skirt

You can take a large silk scarf, put it in a triangle form and pass the 2 ends under your armpit so they meet at your back and tie them together. You’ve made a simple perfect top. You can also tie another one around your waist over a pair of leggings or bikini and you have a new mini skirt/cover up to show off.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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