Franklina Amoah: The App Designer Seeking To Make Life Easier For People

Franklina Amoah is a UI designer based in Ghana

Franklina Amoah, a user interface (UI) designer, is determined to make the lives of people easier by designing innovative mobile apps that will ensure comfortability and stress-free life.

With that in mind, she has designed a mobile app that will help groups of individuals to easily contribute toward a goal.

The app is known as Ntoboa, which means “to contribute” in twi.

Ntoboa seeks to ensure and maintain high transparency within groups of individuals or organisations that thrive on contributions from its members.

Ntoboa App

In Ntoboa, you can create a group, add members and then contribute towards a goal. Each member sees how much every member contributes, when payments are made, and the amount that is withdrawn from group coffers.

Franklina recently graduated from the University of Ghana with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (Marketing major).

In an interview with Kuulpeeps, Franklina Amoah provided details about how she became a UI designer, how she got the idea for Ntoboa, the impact she wants to make and her future plans as a UI designer.

How she got into user interface design:

“From the beginning, I have never had anything to do with IT. I used to use my laptop to watch movies and it ends there… But somewhere in 2018, a friend of mine introduced me to programming and I started with java, [laughs] and trust me it was hell! java was hell! I couldn’t, so I stopped learning. My friend later told me about UI and I was like what is UI? and he told me what it is, and what goes into it and I was like lemme just try. I told myself: “I would have nothing to lose if learn and I don’t like it and then jump on the next thing”. So that was how I got into UI, and since then, it has been great working as a UI designer.”

How she got the idea for the Ntoboa app:

“The inspiration behind this is a contribution, my siblings and I are making ahead of our parents’ birthday. We are contributing to get them something but then the whole thing is I don’t want to contribute my money for my little sister who is keeping the contributions to use some and when time is due we will have to wait for her to get the money…

I didn’t want that to happen so I just imagined a scenario where there’s an application that could have my siblings and I in a group and make contributions to that group. So when I open my app and I enter into that group, I see how much we have contributed so far and if anybody has made any withdrawal, we will know who made that withdrawal, when the withdrawal was made and we can make follow-ups as to when the person will be replacing the money. It’s just to enhance transparency when it comes to money and contributions among individuals.”

The impact she wants to make as a UI designer:

“I didn’t know that I loved to solve problems, so getting into UI sort of gave me the chance to see that part of myself that I actually liked to solve problems through designing applications that help users do exactly what they want to do, removing all forms of hitches and giving them a smooth process to do what they want to do. So it’s basically I want to make people’s life comfortable when it comes to using mobile applications. I want to give people an easy way to do their things and it’s all problem solving so it gave me an eye for looking out for problems around me and I want to make people’s life very easy through designing applications.”

Her future plans as a UI designer:

“To be very honest, I just want to develop a solid brand. I’m in no hurry so I don’t have strict plans at the moment. For now, it’s just anything that goes because I have my foot in different places so I’m just looking at how everything is going to work out for me. But there’s no way I’m going to put UI aside because I love designing realistic applications that are solutions to real-life problems.”


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