4 Foods You Should Eat To Reduce Menstrual Cramps

It’s easy to rely on over the counter painkillers to take the pain away but do you really want to be doing this every month, everyday for 5 days (or the number of days the cramps last)?

Another way you can deal with period pain is to make sure that you eat certain foods when it’s a week to your menses and also during that week of pain and discomfort.

1. Salmon

Salmon is rich in Omega-3 acids which so they help reduce inflammation and helps reduce pain. If also contains Vitamin D which helps you absorb Calcium; another thing that helps period pain become more manageable.

2. Kontomire

Menstruation causes iron levels to dip as a person loses blood and can even cause anemia. A study showed that people who eat more non-heme iron, which is iron that comes from plant foods, have less risk of menstrual-related symptoms compared to those that ate less.

3. Pineapples

This tropical fruit is high in the mineral manganese. One study showed a diet rich in manganese can help reduce the uncomfortable symptoms associated with PMS. Its antioxidant properties also help to reduce acute inflammation, which could be the cause of that dull cramping feeling in your belly. (Source: today.com)

4. Calcium

Calcium is found to reduce cramp pains, reduce bloating and water retention. Calcium is present in substantial amounts in:

  • Dairy products such as milk, yogurt and cheese
  • Fish with edible bones, and
  • Calcium-fortified soy milk, beancurd/tofu (Source: healthxchange.sg)

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