5 Things That Describe A Typical Ghanaian Weekend

For almost every Ghanaian who grew up in Ghana, the weekends are very predictable because it’s the same old activities. Here are some things that describe a typical Ghanaian weekend.

1. Funerals

There are some places that always have “funeral music” playing over speakers from Friday evening till Sunday because every weekend, someone has to be buried. If you’re not the one attending the funeral, there will be definitely someone else in your household who has to attend one.

2. Weddings

A lot of people alternate between funerals and weddings in one day. Weddings are usually on Saturdays and Sundays.

3. Wash and clean

Growing up in a typical Ghanaian home, Saturday mornings are for washing and cleaning the house. This is especially because, during the week, you’re either busy with school or work and it’s much better to do it on Saturday so the clothes can dry well before Monday.

4. Waakye

After washing and cleaning on Saturday, the best meal to eat and replenish all the lost energy is waakye; best eaten with your hands.

5. Fufu

Either on Saturday or Sunday, you prepare your palms to pound the Fufu you’ll be eating. Usually, during the week, everyone is busy doing their own thing. On the weekend, you have no excuse.

What other activity or food reminds you about the weekend? Let us know in the comments section.

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