Listen To Sarpei’s New Love Song ‘Confess’

Sarpei - Confess

Fast-rising Ghanaian artist, Sarpei has debuted a new record titled ‘Confess’ under the record label, Ibux Music. Prior to its release, ‘Confess’ which was produced by Fimfim was being discussed on social media platforms due to its captivating cover art and the artist’s descriptive narration about it. 

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The artwork shows Sarpei standing on top of a rock overlooking the sea with arms wide open. The imagery, a celebration of Sarpei’s cultural roots – a royal of the Ga tribe with claim to the title ‘’Wolatse’’ (Chief/Father of fisherman) – conveys his affection and love for humanity.

‘Confess’ is a classic love song that everyone can relate to. Delivered from a male perspective, the song details the difficulty of letting go of love despite advice from friends and loved ones. Sarpei’s enchantment with the beautiful damsel is revealed further when he expresses how she is a delight to his eyes and ends with the artist confessing how he doesn’t want to let her go.
Sarpei’s music focuses more on the theme of love because of its universal appeal. Sarpei explains that growing up and living in Accra (Mataheko, Darkuman, Mallam-Gbawe), London, Soton, Northampton, and his travels across Africa and Asia gave him an opportunity to listen to different genres of music which has greatly shaped his songwriting skills and his decision to focus on love as the master theme of his musical pieces. He says that across the world, ‘’love is the one subject everyone can relate to’’. Sarpei is currently working to finalize his album which will be released next year.
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