4 Ways You’re Applying Moisturizer Wrong

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We’ve been applying lotions and moisturizers on our bodies for God-knows how long so we automatically feel like what we’ve been doing is the right thing. After all, it’s simple. Right? Here are ways we keep applying moisturizer wrongly.

1. We apply it on our faces anyhow

Typically the cheeks will be the driest part of the face (though this can vary depending on your skin type), so tackle them first while you have the most product on your hands.

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After the forehead, spread moisturizer to nose and T-zone, then chin, neck, and ears. Then use light, gentle upward strokes, especially on the neck. (Source: birchbox.com)

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2. Waiting too long to apply the moisturizer

Right after washing your face, you should moisturize it. There’s no need to wait for long. Once you dry off your skin after cleansing, it starts to dehydrate if there’s no protective layer of moisturizer to lock hydration in place.

3. You use too much product

If you use too much product, you clog your pores and this results in breakouts. Your skin will look greasy, and your makeup won’t stay put.

4. You skip it

A number of people with oily or acne prone skin tend to skip moisturizing their face because they think it will cause their faces to be more oily or they assume it will clog their pores leading to more breakouts. If you’re concerned that moisturizers contain oils that can clog pores and trigger breakouts, opt for a hydrating serum since they are lighter and usually water based.

We hope you’ve learnt something today.

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