Treat Yourself To Some Contemporary Art With These Ghanaian Exhibitions

History Of Ghana Art Exhibition by Ghanaian Artist ArtSoul Kojo Image via Jesse Ababio(SelormJae)

The Art scene in Ghana and around the World were hit hard when the entire World fell into a pandemic. Artist in Ghana and around the World sought new ways of exhibiting their art pieces to their audience and collectors.

Some Ghanaian Art Galleries such as ADA Accra, Nubuke Foundation and Gallery 1957 have been very influential and supportive, helping Ghanaian artists still reach their audience despite the pandemic. The all have viewing times to regulate the galleries to prevent overcrowding.

Currently, there are some exhibitions available for viewing in these galleries. Below are the list of Exhibitions available

Enter Paradise by Zandile Tshabalala, ADA Accra

Zandile Tshabalala’s latest series of paintings, titled Enter Paradise, places the Black female figure at the heart of her sensual dreamscapes:

“I have found myself engaging with the term ‘Paradise’ in a different manner, moving away from an idealized representation of ‘Paradise’ to an everyday, tangible perception of smaller ‘paradises.’ This kind of engagement required of me to apply not only full attention to my thoughts and emotions but also awareness to the moments I often overlook.”

Moving away from perceptions of the Black female figure as an inferior, undesirable symbol, the figurative canvases depict confident, steady women, controlled and empowered in their beauty, intelligence, and subtle allure, affirming ownership over their own body and sexual nature. Highly intuitive, she reimagines this fierce yet composed Black woman within the very canons of sensuality and its representation. Combining a vibrant color scheme and luxurious animal print patterns, her semi-abstract backgrounds are at one with her highly pigmented skin-toned figures as they fuse into a unique sensual dreamscape. Yet, ultimately, Tshabalala’s portraits take center stage as they powerfully and unapologetically face the viewer.

Enter Paradise is currently showing until 18th April.

Viewing by appointment only. Please email at: [email protected] to make a booking.

History of Ghana by Artsoul Kojo, Gallery 1957

Showing from February 2021 at Gallery 1957, The History of Ghana is born from the sadness and anger one experiences when one is cheated of history for which blood was shed. It mourns a past riddled with gaps and tethered around colonial knowledge of far less relevance to African identity than the ancient knowledge systems it replaced.

Popularly known as Artsoul Kojo, Nana Danso Awuah-Asante is a self-taught Ghanaian contemporary artist who continues ancient visual storytelling traditions of using African symbols as vessels to carry and transmit history, and to process the stranger aspects of our everyday lives, creating infinite new ways of looking at the world.

Quietly questioning society through dreamlike landscapes that may look alien but feel familiar, The History of Ghana invites us to ask ourselves who we have been, who we are, and who we may yet be. Text by Kobby Ankomah-Graham.

“The History of Ghana” on view until 19th of March. To book a viewing, see here Gallery 1957.

Suɔmɔ Hi Fe Shika by Dr. Joseph Oduro-Frimpong, Nubuke Foundation

Suɔmɔ Hi Fe Shika an exhibition that explores the vibrant visual pop culture including hand-painted film posters, barbering, and saloon shop signages.

The works come from the collection of Dr. Joseph Oduro-Frimpong. Artists whose works are included in this exhibition include Leonardo, Jasper, Awal among others.

Please, pre-register your attendance and come in a nose mask with a sanitiser. Suɔmɔ Hi Fe Shika on view until 17th April.

Register here Suɔmɔ Hi Fe Shika

Source: Kuulpeeps

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