This Artist Created The World’s Largest Drawing By An Individual

Art teacher and artist Dyymond Whipper-Young recently completed the world's largest drawing by an individual.

An artist based in Philadelphia has set a new record for the world’s largest drawing by an individual.

The art project, made by Dyymond Whipper-Young, spans 6,507 square feet. Whipper-Young, who is also an art teacher, used just black Crayola Project XL Markers to create the piece, which took a whopping 63 hours — over the course of 5 days — to complete.

The piece is 6,507 square feet, surpassing the previous record held by Italian artist FRA!.

The 24-year-old’s drawing surpasses the previous record held by Italian artist FRA!, who completed a drawing in 2020 that spanned over 6,100 square feet.

Dyymond Whipper-Young completed the drawing on January 15, 2021.

The artist completed her drawing at the Mandell Center at The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, all in an effort to build excitement for a new instalment called “Crayola IDEAworks: The Creativity Exhibition.”

The immersive exhibition, which spans 17,000 square feet, gives visitors the opportunity to do “interactive challenges that hone their skills,” Crayola IDEAworks indicated.

“Crayola IDEAworks: The Creativity Exhibition” is the newest installation at The Franklin Institute. It debuted on Saturday, February 13, 2021.

Like The Franklin Institute, Whipper-Young also aims to inspire and empower people of all ages to explore and feed their curiosity.

source: CNN

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