Referencing Couldn’t Be Easier, Here’s How We Do It

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Referencing can feel like the hardest part of writing a research paper, but it honestly doesn’t have to be. Here are 3 hacks that you can use to get references for your citations which are all hassle free

Use Google Scholar

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Yes, Google will remember your passwords and also reference your papers for you. Whenever you’re looking for a reference, no matter the style that you want, you can simply search for that paper by name on Google Scholar. Each paper that you can find with the academic search engine will come with a reference button which allows you to choose a style and then generates a reference for you in that style.


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MyBib is a chrome extension that makes it incredibly easy to cite websites as sources. By incredibly easy, I mean you install the extension and then click on it on any website that you want to cite.


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The final resource on our list is EasyBib. EasyBib is a website that you can visit here. It allows you to choose what type of material you’re citing from. And here’s the best part: you can cite from Journals, Books, Websites, Newspapers and even Cartoons. Just enter the type of material and enter the name into the website’s search field.



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