Food Essentials That You Should Be Spending Your Money On During Hala Season

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In the final month of the semester, things can get bad. You might find yourself so broke that even figuring out what to eat becomes an annoyance. So, before you make all those irresponsible decisions and find yourself suddenly out of cash, you should invest in these food items.

A Bag Of Rice

Imag via AFP; Nigeria has been trying to boost domestic rice production

We’re the generation that can literally eat rice everyday for the entire week. Before you go broke, it would be smart to get a 5 kg bag. You should also keep in mind that when you’re broke is not exactly the best time to be lending out your rice cooker.


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If there’s a particular brand of Shito that you like, then you should be getting a bottle or two for the dark times ahead. Shito is so versatile that it’s definitely worth it. Shito is also one of those things can have a very short life span during hala week.

A Crate Of Eggs

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A crate of eggs is hardly expensive, but we usually end up buying our eggs one by one, which is more costly in the long run. Even if you don’t know how to cook, you can make a meal out of rice, shito and frying some eggs.

Gari, Obviously

There’s a reason that gari is a staple in high school, and it’s the same reason that you shouldn’t shy away from it in the university, especially during hala week. It’s pretty economical, and speaking of versatile, is there anything more versatile than gari?



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