Ahmed Partey: The Ghanaian Visual Artist Excelling In Cryto Art

Ahmed Partey is a Ghanaian visual artist (image via Instgram/ahmedpartey)

Ghanaian artists are taking art to a different level and making a name for themselves in the global art industry. Ahmed Partey is one of the Ghanaian artists who is making strives in art.

Ahmed Partey is an Accra-based freelance artist and designer who creates intriguing paintings and art designs that captures the subject matter with strokes of lines and colour. He works with oils, acrylic, pastel and digital mediums of art.

He is inspired by Ga Adangbe symbols like Ga Samai, African masks, African figurines and pattern designs. Ahmed’s aim is to reimagine the symbols in his own way to reflect contemporary times and also have people connect to them.

According to Ahmed, his journey as a visual artist started when he got inspired as a little boy by an older friend who was always drawing.

“I gradually realized that art was my true path. As I grew older I explored various fields in design and art. Then gradually I realized the need after much study to be unique and represent my identity and the diverse black culture,” he told hbeonline.

An alumnus of National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI), Ahmed started digital art in 2011, and through consistency and ingenuity, his artistic style had become very distinct and well defined by 2017.

Ahmed was contacted by Makersplace, one of the foremost NFT crypto art markets in May 2020 after they discovered his profiles on Behance and ArtStation. His arts has since been featured on their platforms and has had 25 of his NFT digital artworks purchared on crypto art markets, Edward Asare captures in his report.

In 2017, Ahmed exhibited his art at the “Chale Wote” – the biggest street and alternative art festival in West Africa. He was also part of group exhibition at British Council, Accra in 2019.

Ahmed has also designed art for the biggest skate tour in Ghana organised by Surf Ghana.

Here are some of Ahmed Partey’s arts:

source: kuulpeeps.com

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