5 Simple Ways To Make Sure Your Salary Lasts

Today is the 10th of March; gather here if your salary is already finished so we can see ourselves and form a support group. After thinking about it thoroughly, I’ve come to the conclusion that these are some of the best ways to be able to save your salary.

1. Don’t fall in love

Love is a very expensive something. If you don’t have money, why are you looking for love? Think about it. Dates are expensive, those random “buy this for me er” keep drilling a hole in your pockets and the amount you pay for transportation to your sweetwun’s place in a month can be saved. Dears, falling in love is a scam.

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2. Stay in your father’s house

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If you can afford to live on your own and get extra cash from your salary after all your expenses, then by all means, go ahead but if you know deep within your heart that thing will look up when you stay at home, then please, pack your things and go back to your father’s house. I get that a lot of us want to be independent but it’s better to endure staying in your parent’s house and save for yours than to be living from hand to mouth because you can’t afford it.

3. Delete all the apps you don’t use and limit your app usages on the others

Data doesn’t seem so relevant until you actually start putting down how much you spend everyday in an excel sheet and analyzing the expenditure at the end of the month. Delete all the apps you don’t use so they don’t run in the background without you knowing and taking away your bundle. Secondly, reduce your data consumption by spending less time on these apps or using them wisely. For example, streaming movies/series on Netflix takes more bundle as compared to when you download them and watch them later. You need to move smart.

4. Cook

I can’t guarantee that you’ll never crave anything and want to buy them but once you have a lot of different meals at home, it’s easier to train yourself to eat what you have. This saves a LOT of money, especially delivery fees.

5. Alternate between trotro and other car hailing services

It’s important for you to understand that, if you need to save, you have to get rid of some of your expensive habits. You know you can go somewhere by trotro and it will be cheaper but you’ll walk around aimlessly until you’re late and will have no choice than to call for one of these car hailing services, and you end up spending 3 times the amount you could have spent. Be wise.

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