4 Note Taking Tips That Make You More Effective

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A lot of us don’t have a system when it comes to taking notes. We just go to class and write down the parts that we hear. And although we can get by that way, it usually means that we’re going to miss some things. Here are some tips that will make you a more effective note taker.

Read Before Class

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No one wants to read before class. It’s a chore. But even just skimming through the material before a lecture can make the lecture easier to absorb. It gives you an idea of what is going to be talked about which makes it easier to listen and to take notes.

Record Your Lectures

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If you realize that a particular lecture moves at a fast pace, record the lesson in addition to taking notes. That way when you’re studying you can listen to the lecture alongside your notes to be more effective.

Review Your Notes

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The only time that most of us ever open our notes is when we have exams coming right up. And unless you write ditto what’s going on in class, you’re going to lose track of why you wrote certain things. Reviewing your notes at the end of the week can make you more likely to remember why you wrote what you did.

Write. Don’t Type

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Although you might find it faster/more convenient to type, when you write your notes you pick up the material better than you would if you were typing.

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