3 Scams That You Should Be Wary Of On Campus

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There’s no shortage of people lined up and ready to take advantage of naïve students in order to make some quick cash. It’s entirely on you not to get duped. We’ve also got your back. These are some frequently used scams on campus that you should avoid if you’re not looking to lose some money.

Marx International

Anyone from Marx International will argue that it’s not a scam. They will then go on to explain their business model to you. But I can guarantee that you’re not going to understand how you’ll make money after hearing it 3 times. After you join, no matter what else you do, the only way you’re going to get to a cash out is to bring more people in.


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There are also people who prey on students’ spirituality and come up with ways to extort them in the name of prophecies. There’s nothing wrong with being religious, but you do have to be careful not to fall the cons of strange prophets.

Strangers Who Come Knocking On Your Door

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It’s not unusual for strangers to come around to preach, to sell items or even to solicit funds for a good cause. However, you should be careful when you let someone into your room. You should always have an eye on your belongings and make sure not to let yourself get too distracted.

Source: Kulpeeps.com


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