Reasons Why People Cheat When They’re On Different Campuses

relationship cheat Closeup of sad young woman in living room with man after an argument

Long distance relationships are hard especially when you aren’t sure when exactly you people will be together again.

First things first, you people have to set your boundaries and know what cheating is defined as for both of you. Once the boundaries do not work for you, in a sense that, they make you feel limited and unhappy, you should have to speak to your partner about it.

A number of people cheat because some of their needs are unfulfilled in their relationship but one of the things you can do to minimize the chances of cheating is to speak up about your problems with your partner because communication is all you’ve got.

If you’re both sexually active, keeping it in your pants after a while may start to feel a lot more like work. If your long distance relationship lasts for more than a few months, physical intimacy will become an issue. Suppressing these feelings may also just result in sexual frustration and may put a strain on the relationship.

Apart from sex and physical intimacy, people have different love languages. Maybe they want to always be in communication with you but there’s always something. You’re always having lectures or group studies or rehearsals. There’s always something so you don’t respond to texts on time or you don’t speak as often or even longer because someone is always tired. A situation like this can push your partner into someone else’s arms.

You both need to define how long the relationship is going to be “long distance” and see if it works for both of you. If one person thinks they can’t work with that, then you may have to break up because the person may end up cheating.


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