Ewes Call Out The Use Of Educational Material To Discriminate Against Them


Last week during the Daniel Domelevo retirement issue, we wrote about how people of Ewe heritage felt the attack on the former Auditor General was an attack on their ethnicity.

According to them, the awful treatment of the then Auditor-General was a direct reflection of how the larger society treats people from the Volta and Oti regions.

Today, a revelation of what was being taught to Basic 4 pupils has renewed the claims of discrimination, marginalization and the perpetuation of hate against people of Ewe heritage.

In the government-approved English teaching manual for Basic 4 pupils, an example has been given for pupils to reproduce in an effort to improve their handwriting.

The example read “Efo agreed and prepared juju for the players.” ‘Efo’ is an Ewe word that means ‘man’.

People who have raised issues with the above statement claim this would indoctrinate the pupils to only associate Ewes with idol worship.

The award winning music, Edem is one of many people who have called out the book.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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