Edward Anassah: The Man Who Tells Stories Of Young Entrepreneurs

Edward Anassah is the founder of Humble Beginning Entrepreneurs

Young entrepreneurs are doing amazing things and achieving in their respective fields of business. However, their exploits are not heard or talked about, and Edward Anassah is dedicated to making the world know about these people.

Edward Anassah is the founder of Humble Beginning Entrepreneurs, an online community and platform where inspirational or authentic stories are shared by entrepreneurs in a holistic approach. Through his work, he has enabled more than 100 entrepreneurs to share their journeys with the world.

The story of Edward, however, is an amazing and blessed one with valuable life experiences. He has been travelling from one place to another but now considers Canada his home, having been in North America for close to 18 years.

Edward is an alumnus of Johnson & Wales University, Oakwood University and University of Waterloo, where he experienced what international students had to go through. Prior to leaving Ghana, he had his senior high school education at Ghana Armed Forces Senior High School.

He grew up in Osu, Accra-Ghana in the 1980s and has always had the inner drive and appreciation for different cultures and their social impact on society and the economy. As a first-generation university graduate in his family, Edward always thought about how he can make a difference in Ghana and his immediate surroundings. Today, he is considered a part of the multicultural trendsetters in his community and abroad.

Throughout his travels, Edward concluded that it is entrepreneurship that has allowed the West to establish a superior economic system, having understood quite quickly that the West is built on the dream of substantial wealth, governing laws, technology and entrepreneurship. To further understand and learn this in detail, he spent most of his early years learning from local business owners, parents, strangers, schools, sports organizations and business executives. This dramatically impacted his life and career path in a positive way. 

It is Edward’s goal to add and extend himself beyond the glamour of sitting behind a desk or in a comfort zone, instead of finding a niche where ideas, hard work, brainstorming, teamwork, collaboration and implementation intersect.

Some key lessons that have contributed to making Edward the man that he is today include – creating bridges, never giving up, staying humble, learning to forgive, standing tall, networking, being open-minded, appreciating little steps, celebrating the wins, as well as, remembering to be happy and enjoying the ride.

Edward, like most people, has encountered hard times as he strived to succeed, and he credits his success to his ability to stay focused and also the support from people in his life, whom he describes as “difference makers”.

source: Edward Asare

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