5 Normal Things That Extremely Annoy Ghanaian Parents

Ghanaian parents are very very special. The LEAST thing triggers their anger and unless you’re very observant so you know how and what makes them tick, they’ll keep shouting at you all day, everyday. Here are 5 things you do that annoys the living hell out of Ghanaian parents.

1. When they see you pressing phone

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I don’t think they’ll ever get used to us living our best lives through our phones. It worries them when we are happy pressing our phones and ignoring their wahala.

2. Whenever you’re not home

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If you’re a lady, this is worse. Every hour they’ll text or call to rant about why you haven’t come home yet and ask if you don’t know you have work to do at home. Even if you made sure you finished what you had to do before leaving, they’ll still find extra work for you.

3. Sleeping while they’re awake

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How dare you relax in your father’s house? They didn’t relax so why are you relaxing? You want to sleep while the people who gave birth to you are awake? Are you normal? Do you want beatings?

4. When you miss their call

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In their minds, you’re always pressing phone so why are you missing their calls? There’s only one explanation. You just didn’t want to answer it. Cue in the rage.

5. You don’t respond to WhatsApp Broadcast Messages

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Nothing annoys them more than seeing you post on your WhatsApp status because it means you’re online and you can’t say thank you to them for saving your life from Corona by finding hair in your Bible, putting it in water and drinking it. Smh.

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