Royal Aroma Rice Celebrates A Phenomenal Woman For International Women’s Day

Photograph of Mama Tess via Royal Aroma Rice

They say give them their flowers while they live, and in the spirit of those words Royal Aroma Rice is celebrating an incredible woman who has touched the lives of some of the smartest minds in the country. Maa Tess is a rice and stew vendor at Goase, Presec’s canteen, and she embodies the values that nurture future leaders.

Photograph of Mama Tess via Royal Aroma Rice

Royal Aroma Rice is honoring Maa Tess because it believes that nutrition is an essential part of achieving one’s potential. That is why the new Royal Aroma Fortified rice variant, the first of its kind on the Ghanaian market, is rich in iron, calcium and vitamins B2 and B12.

Photograph of Mama Tess via Royal Aroma Rice

Good nutrition makes for a healthy family, and there is little as important as having a healthy family. That’s a fact that our mothers never take for granted. Royal Aroma Rice celebrates women everywhere, have a happy international women’s day.



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