A Step By Step Guide To Creating Bantu Knots On Short Hair

It’s a little tricky creating some styles on short hair because there’s a high probability that the hair won’t come out the way you want it to because of the length of your hair but we have the perfect step by step process for creating Bantu knots on short hair.

1. Wash and condition your hair

Protective styles always last longer when you wash out all the oils, butters and dirt from your hair. Don’t allow your hair to dry before applying your styling products.

2. Section your hair and detangle

Putting your hair in sections makes styling easy. Once you put your hair in sections, detangle from the tip to the base of the hair.

3. Style

There are 2 ways to achieve the Bantu knot look. You can either twirl the hair around your finger and then wrapping it into a knot or twisting your hair firmly before wrapping it into the knot.

When ready to take it down, apply oil to your hands and separate gently.

You can watch this video by Cynthykay Obi to understand better.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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Featured image via Thalia Hunter on Pinterest


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