4 Things You Should Avoid Doing In Your New Relationship

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If you’re in a new relationship on campus, I’m sure it’s full of excitement and passion. You both can’t stop thinking about each other and texting. You’re already imagining how your married life would be like and how your kids would look like. In as much as you get butterflies every time you think about your partner, you need to avoid these mistakes so your relationship can stand the test of time.

1. Being too clingy

Give your partner space to breathe outside of you. Their lives shouldn’t revolve around you as they have friends and families. It’s important to be as independent as you were before you met them and trust that they aren’t doing anything behind your back.

2. Being dishonest

Nothing ends a relationship faster than this. It’s a new relationship. If you’re being dishonest now and building your relationship on lies, when it’s found out later, I guarantee that your partner will end it or it will cause irreparable damage even if they decide to still stay.

3. Not being yourself

If you’re acting like someone you’re not, just know that in the end, you’ll get tired and revert to your normal self and since your partner isn’t used to that person, it will cause problems in your relationship.

4. Overlooking red flags

Those red flags you overlooked will definitely come and bite you in the butt. Disrespectful and controlling partners should not be tolerated. If they abuse you physically or emotionally, run!!

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